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Dr. Todd 

Medical Doctor, Bioscientist & Author

Dr. Todd Ovokaitys is a renowned Bioscientist, John Hopkin's Trained Medical Doctor, Researcher,  and Inventor whose ground-breaking work in the field of stem cell research has had a significant impact on the understanding and application of VSEL stem cells.

A Longevity &
Rejuvenation Trailblazer

Dr. Todd is a leader, high-level advisor & speaker for anti-aging and regeneration medicine. His realm of expertise combines the best of conventional and complementary, metabolic and nutritional medicine with his desire to make it possible for people around the planet to live longer, better lives.

Inventor of The
SONG Laser

As the driving force behind the development of the innovative Strachan-Ovokaitys Node Generator (SONG) Laser Technology, Dr. Ovokaitys has revolutionized the way VSELs may be used in regenerative medicine and various therapeutic protocols.

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Dr. Todd's Landmark Stem Cell Discoveries

Dr. Todd Ovokaitys and his esteemed Qigenix team discovered a new way to activate a specific and potent stem cells called VSELs.

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Download Dr. Todd's Book Now

Growing Younger: The Story of Landmark Discoveries in the Quest for Living Younger and Longer

Dr Todd Ovokaitys Book Growing Younger
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